Regulatpro – for the immune system

Caring for the immune system is not something we should do only when we are under the threat of an epidemic, but iat the same time now is a crucial time to do the best we can for our bodies.  The bioactive concentrate Regulatpro Bio can be extremely useful for the body’s immunoregulation as it effectively activates the non-specific immune system associated with the human body’s natural resistance forces. The 20 ml daily dose of Regulatpro Bio contains the most valuable ingredients of 12 kg of fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices, subjected to a patented cascade fermentation method, thus laying the foundations for good health and increased vitality.

The product visibly enhances the natural energy production of cells and fine-tunes the enzymatic processes in the body to prepare you naturally for the transitions between seasons during which the percentage of respiratory disorders increases.

The immunoregulatory effect of Regulatpro has been demonstrated in a number of studies, including ones performed at the Freising-Weihenstephan Center for Biological and Nutritional Sciences at the Technical University of Munich, as well as in a prospective, randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial, published in a study, published in “Nutrition” in 2009, which meets the strictest scientific criteria commonly applied only in clinical trials for medicines.

The entire Vedra International team is currently taking Regulatpro , so that each employee will have a competent and well-functioning immune system. We have seen for ourselves the effect and quality of the product, and this is why it has been our mission to tell as many people as possible about this unique essence at this particular time, when we must take special care for the health of ourselves and those around us.

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