Your Health is
our Purpose!

Proficiency in Sales & Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products

We are Vedra International – we combine years of experience on the pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria with innovative solutions, in order to guarantee that patients have access to the best products for their health.

The founders and staff of Vedra International are experienced professionals who have, in the recent years, secured a leadership position for all the brands of producers like Engelhard Arzneimittel, Merz and many others.

Our management and employees have more than 15 years of experience in building stable and fruitful partnerships with all players on the pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria – pharmacists, doctors, manufacturers, state authorities and patients.

Vedra International builds productive long-term business relationships with pharmaceutical producers around the world and guarantees a stable market share for their products in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and other countries in the region. The company offers full servicing to potential pharmaceutical partners who want to start or expand their business in the Balkans – from consulting and working on outsourced products to fully representing their business in the region.