The German company Engelhard Arzneimittel was founded in 1872 as a family-owned pharmacy. Today Engelhard is among the leading manufacturers of OTC products. During its 140-year history, it has developed into an international company with over 300 employees and 94 successful partnerships, among which is its partnership with Bulgaria. Engelhard’s leading product, Prospan is a market leader in many of the countries, where it has been presented.

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Nelsons is a family-owned business and UK’s largest manufacturer of natural healthcare products. Back in the 1930s an important chapter in Nelsons’ history was written when Dr Edward Bach, a doctor with a keen interest in homeopathy, approached the Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy to help him make and sell his increasingly popular Bach™ Original Flower Remedies. You can find out more about them at

The company Apipharma has grown from the old, regionally traditional, craft industry enterprise of beekeeping and mead and gingerbread making under the name of Apimarket. In 1996 it became a pharmaceutical commercial company. Since that year the company has been focused on the production of dietary supplements and special purpose cosmetics, natural pharmaceutical products. Products from the Apipharma portfolio include MiniMed, MariaMed and OralMed spray. Read more about Minimed here at


The Austrian company Caricol Immune & Digestive Health GmbH develops and manufactures natural products that help maintain normal digestion and immune health – 100% biologically certified! The portfolio of the manufacturer includes the products Caricol – for the treatment of constipation and flatulence and Caricol-Gastro – for gastritis and reflux; irritation and heartburn. The main active ingredient is organic papaya extract, produced by a unique patented process. The efficacy of the products has been clinically proven in randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials.

Theresienöl is a small company with a great development. It produces a unique healing ointment that it distributes successfully around the world. In 2009, on Easter day, the ointment was blessed by the Vatican.
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Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH was founded by the chemist Dr. Hans Niedermaier in 1939. The company’s major goal back then, as well as right now, has always been research and the treatment of illnesses that are attributed to enzyme and vital substances deficiency. Since its founding, the company has relied solely on the healing power of nature.
The manufactured liquids are organic. Apart from the research of new agents and biological products, the company has always been devoted to the research of the fermentation process and its importance for the well-being of the human body.
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HERMES ARZNEIMITTEL is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of high-quality self-medication products. What began in Munich in 1907 with the manufacture of teas has expanded into a modern and growing pharmaceutical enterprise nowadays, which produces over 1100 million effervescent tablets per year. With top-level expertise and cutting-edge production methods, the company` s portfolio encompasses around 500 different products in more than 800 various packaging designs in the dosage forms. You can read more about the vital benefits of magnesium at

The Austrian company Institut Allergosan was founded more than 20 years ago by Anita Frauwallner. The vision of the centre is “treatment from the inside out” by a special holistic approach, based on the premise that healthy digestion is essential for good health. That’s why the focus of Institut Allergosan is the biggest organ in the human body, the intestine. The institute has developed and distributed products, made from natural substances, such as probiotic bacteria, botanical extracts and minerals. Тhanks to the intensive collaboration with renowned scientists in the field of medicine, pharmacy and biochemistry, and a naturopathic research and competence, the company has proven itself as a leader on the probiotics market in Austria and another 7 European counties. The most successful product of Institut Allergosan, Omni-BiOTiC®, is already on the Bulgarian market. Read more at

The German producer Merz Pharma is a privately-held and family-owned company with a 100 year-plus history. As its new trusted partner on the Bulgarian market, Vedra International will continue to ensure the success of the company’s consumer care and medical dermatology brands, such as Merz Spezial and Contractubex, which distinguish themselves by the combination of traditional natural remedies and state-of-the-art scientific research. In addition, Merz Pharma and Vedra International will continue to work together in their mission to help patients live better through the products for liver health, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, Hepa-Merz, Axura, and PK-Merz.

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Cintamani Poland has been operating continuously since it was established in 1997. The company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of products made from natural substances. The mission оf the company is the constant care for the health and well-being of its clients through the creation of new opportunities for them to fully enjoy life. Cintimani Poland owns the trademark “Citrosept”. Citrosept Organic is a completely natural nutritional supplement with a new formula. Contains 84% bio-certified seed extract of precisely selected grapefruits.

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BIOTON is an innovative Polish biotechnology company that provides patients with safe and comprehensive diabetes treatment solutions. Bioton is the undisputed leader on the Polish market and among the top eight commercial producers of recombinant human insulin in the world.
Intesta is a unique and original product of microencapsulated sodium butyrate in a triglyceride matrix, which protects the active substance from stomach acid on the way and ensures its gradual delivery through the entire intestine. Intesta acts as a postbiotic supporting probiotic and commensal bacteria.


CHA Meditech is a global bio-aesthetics company endeavoring to put efforts to create more beautiful lifestyle of mankind on the foundation of technologies accumulated through prolonged period of research. The company is part of the global medical network of the Korean giant CHA. South Korea is advanced in terms of aesthetic dermatology and filler procedures. Thanks to the business partnership between Vedra International and CHA Meditech, doctors and patients in Bulgaria can benefit from high quality products – HYAFILIA fillers, HILIFT structural lifting and CELLTERMI mesotherapy products.


EmergoPharm is a Polish pharmaceutical company specialized in research, development and supply of medical devices, dietary supplements and cosmetics. The company offers international experience in product development, an understanding of the current market characteristics, as well as a personalised service. Vedra is partnering with EmergoPharm on the Bulgarian and Romanian market with the thixotropic spray Nozitix, which exhibits powerful anti-viral properties, with potential application in a range of therapeutic settings.

NTD Labs is a company located in Barcelona, Spain, ​​dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of patented products. Made under rigorous production standards and selected raw materials, capable of guaranteeing safety and efficacy for the consumer. It is widely present in the national market and increasingly projected in international markets, оffering novel therapeutic alternatives. The product HuPaVir by NTD Labs is now available on the Bulgarian market as support to the immune system in battling inflections and lesions caused by HPV.