About us


Theodora Petrova
Managing Partner

In 1996 Theodora Petrova established Libra AG – a regional pharmaceutical wholesaler in Burgas, Bulgaria. Several years later, in 1998, the company started successful partnerships with small and medium-sized German pharmaceutical manufacturers. The sales of their products on the Bulgarian market started from zero and only in 5 years the products represented exclusively by Libra in Bulgaria became the leading brands in their respective categories. 

In 2005 Libra AG was already a top national distributor, with market share of more than 23% and was acquired by the leading pan-European wholesaler – Phoenix Group. Theodora Petrova remained a Managing Director of Libra AG for more than 8 years, growing it to be the leading and most profitable pharmaceutical wholesaler in Bulgaria. 

In 2013, Theodora Petrova and Dian Dimov established a new company – Vedra International, with the intent of being the most reliable and trustworthy partner for its pharmaceutical partners in Bulgaria.

Dian Dimov
Managing Partner

In 1993 Dian Dimov established his own attorney office in Bourgas, Bulgaria. After years of successful legal practice for some of the most influential clients in the country, in 1998 he was invited to become a part of the Managing Board of Libra AG. 

In 2005, after the acquisition of the company by Phoenix Group, he became Executive Financial Director of Libra AG and was responsible for the legal and financial part of the business. Together with Theodora Petrova, they managed Libra AG successfully for more than 15 years. 

In 2013 they started together a new project by establishing their new company – Vedra International.

Ivan Ivanov MD
Member of the Board of Directors

Ivan Ivanov MD was born in 1966 in Lovetch. He graduated from the German Language High School and continued his education at the Medical University in Pleven. He has vast experience in the fields of Marketing and Advertising and in 1998 started a successful career in the field of Pharmaceuticals.

In 2004 he started working for Libra AG and by 2014, only in seven years, he had already climbed the whole company ladder – from a Medical Representative through Product Manager and Assistant Director of the Exclusive Representation to a Director of Libra’s Exclusive Department.

Since April 2014 he has been a part of the Managing Team of Vedra International as a member of the Board of Directors responsible for the sales function of the organisation.

Diana Milusheva MD
Member of the Board of Directors

Diana Milusheva MD has a degree in Medicine and has worked for 10 years in her specialty – anesthesiology and intensive care. After her hospital career, she later acquired vast experience as a Medical Representative, Regional Director, and Purchasing Director in Libra AG.

She is qualified as a doctor in holistic medicine and for more than five years now she has been engaged in Bach therapy and nutritionology.