Pharma Services

Exclusive Representation for Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and the Region

Vedra International offers its international partners – pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide, first-class full servicing on the Bulgarian market, and now even on the Balkans. We save a lot of precious time and resources for opening a representative office in Bulgaria for any manufacturer, who wants to offer its products to the local consumers. With our extensive experience on the regional pharmaceutical market, we ensure rapid and stable sales results for our partners.

Exclusive representation is our most comprehensive service, which includes:

  • Product registration according to the requirements of all local legislation;
  • Pre-wholesale;
  • Marketing and communication to all target groups on the pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and the region – doctors, pharmacies and end-customers.


Vedra International can be of service to companies already working on the Balkans by offering them the possibility to outsource products that: 

  • Have shifted to product categories outside of their main focus;
  • Are new for the respective companies and are not aligned with their current strategy or field of expertise on the specific market.


Vedra International has a pharmaceutical warehouse facility of 340 sq. m., which is GDP compliant and licensed by the Bulgarian Drug Agency. This gives us the opportunity to offer pre-wholesale services to all of our partners for their products, as well as their delivery to all national and regional pharmaceutical distributors in Bulgaria.


We will be happy to share our knowledge and expertise with Bulgarian and international companies. Vedra International can offer solid data for and from the market, analyze the market size and potential of various products, and propose and implement marketing strategies for your brands. We have vast experience in the communication to all target groups on the pharmaceutical market – doctors, pharmacists and patients. Vedra International has its own database for e-marketing with more than 200 000 end consumers.