About us

Vision & Mission

We believe that the only way to grow sustainably in the long-run is to ensure the success of our suppliers and customers and thus create value in the whole supply chain.

Our vision is to provide the patients in the region with modern, effective and high-quality pharmaceutical products and therapies from leading international pharmaceutical manufacturers, so that they can turn into people that are fully healthy.

We can guarantee for our success because:

  • We have vast experience and devote the necessary time, effort and attention, in order to find state-of-the art pharmaceutical products;
  • We are and have always been a loyal partner to our supplier – European and worldwide manufacturers of successful products for people’s health;
  • We have attracted and care for a team of the best experts on the pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria and the region;

Our mission is to build profitable and stable long-term partnerships with pharmaceutical producers, doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and patients, in order to become their preferred and most reliable partner, and to grow together with them by offering our extensive knowledge and expertise in the pharmaceutical market!