Bulgarian singer Ivana is a brand ambassador of global cosmetic company AHAVA

Bulgarian singer Ivana became a brand ambassador of a Bulgarian advertising campaign of the global beauty brand AHAVA. Ivana is categorical and happily shares that valuable minerals and elements included in the composition of the cosmetic products are a true elixir for the skin. The singer is a Bulgarian ambassador of love from the lowest point on Earth. Each consumer can gave and obtain love by AHAVA, because “ahava” means “love” in Hebrew.

My skin is extremely delicate and sensitive. I get allergic reactions from the most luxurious creams. At the same time I have a constant need for a strong hydration. I got to know the cosmetics with minerals and salts from the Dead Sea several years ago when I was on vacation there. My dermatologist recommended me to try some products. And these cosmetics is an absolute elixir for the skin and most importantly in my case – it does not cause allergic reactions. It keeps the moisture for a long time and in deeply in the skin, and this is the most important condition for the skin to keep its youth and beauty. I read a lot about the products on the internet, and I found that we have them in Bulgaria. I am happy that many people in our country can experience the incredible ingredients from the Dead Sea and will have a chance to achieve a beautiful skin.

Inspired by the unique natural resources and the healing properties of the Dead Sea water, the company has created AHAVA Dead Sea Laboraotries, located on the shores of the salt lake. More than a quarter century its team develops high quality cosmetic products of selected ingredients based on Dead Sea minerals. AHAVA is the only cosmetic company in the world that is licensed to extract mud from the Dead Sea.


Popular ladies from the world fashion scene and show business choose products of AHAVA to restore and maintain a youthful skin. Among them is the actress Kristin Davis, better known by her character Charlotte from “The Sex and the City”. The world-famous fashion and beauty editor – Joy Lewis Johnson, whose advice are trusted by Hollywood, also uses the products with minerals and salts from the Dead Sea. And Bulgarian celebrities also rely on the brand in their care of a youthful face and body.