Vedra with three unique interactive booths at the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Days 2018

As always, all Vedra booths at the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Days 2018 were the object of great interest. Pharmacists visited a “magic forest” where they found invaluable gifts from nature for their health – Prospan with ivy leaf extract for cough, Isla with Icelandic lichen for throat, Citrosept with grapefruit extract for immunity and the unique Regulatpro are just some of them. At the special magical forest booth, visitors were introduced to the unique advantages of Vedra’s products, but they were also amazed by the magic tricks of the booth’s special guest Vasil Vassilev.

Youth and beauty are a matter of care and Vedra, in turn, took care to reveal the secret of “youth in a bottle” at its second booth, with the unique products Regulatpro Hyaluron, Merz Spezial Dragees, Contractubex, Theresienoil and Vitaroyal. The unique selection of beauty products from Vedra’s portfolio presents solutions for deep hydration and rejuvenation, for fresh skin, shiny hair and strong nails, for the treatment of scars and injuries, and for the general stimulation of the good health for the entire body.

And for a proper finale, the Bulgarian pharmacists were assured that woman can remain “sweet and hot” at any age with the Femarelle product line, which ensures the smooth transition through the different stages of menopause. Health, vitality and the ability to relax all play an important role for the ladies (and for the gentlemen too!) during every period of their life. With products like Biolectra Magnesium, the iron supplement Ferrotone and the universal combination of Bach flower essences Rescue for a life without fears and stress, Vedra has ensured the physical and emotional well-being of every person.

And finally, a chocolate fountain sweetened the day for all visitors – because with the health solutions chosen by Vedra every day is “la dolce vita”!