VEDRA met the Academic and Alternative Medicine at the Balkan Forum “RESCUE”

The Balkan Forum “RESCUE” was held at the Marinella Sofia Hotel on 17 June. Vedra International welcomed over 400 leading specialists from various fields of medicine, psychology and pharmacy from Serbia and Bulgaria.

The forum was launched unexpectedly with … a “sunrise” and the delightful Dance of Flowers performed by children from the Dance School “Finesse”. Dr. Edward Bach himself appeared on the stage played by Ivan Grgurovich from Serbia. He presented the system of treatment with floral essences. There was a new surprise for the guests – an unusual presentation of the action of each flower from Dr. Bach’s universal combination through the fairy tale of Little Flora’s adventures and the Flower Fairy in Bach’s garden. The five-year-old Katerina Draganova was the fearless Flora, and in the role of the Fairy – the actress Maria Petkova.

Doctors and psychologists from Serbia and Bulgaria presented various cases with patients experiencing the effect of the universal combination of Dr. Bach. One of the forum’s attractions was the presentation by psychologist Dr. Yanakiev about Burn-out Syndrome and the actual measurement of the stress response after receiving RESCUE with Biofeedback technology.

Finally Pambos Agapiou and his dance company Los Pambos Dance Company took care of the good mood and started the dance party.