Vedra in Beautyland with Merz Spezial, Regulatpro Hyaluron and Belotero Lips

Vedra International welcomed the bloom of nature with a special spring beauty event, which revealed the way to “Beautyland” and immersed the guests in the magic of the renewing energy that creates beauty both from the inside and the outside. Their guides along the way were Regulatpro Hyaluron, Merz Spezial and Belotero Lips – three extremely innovative beauty brands. The guests were brought into a new world where an elixir of youth exists, where care from the inside makes the body bloom and shine from outside, and where everyone can have gorgeous and seductive lips.

To declare your love to every cell in your body (and thus to yourself) was revealed to be the true secret of looking good and achieving inner harmony by the holistic doctor Diana Milusheva at the Vedra’s event. But how can we harness our self-love, our love for our soul and our body, in order to live harmoniously and to look good? The answers lie within ourselves, and Vedra’s products make it possible to find them.

Everyone’s cells have a unique code of youth and its activation is a challenge for every modern beauty lab. The scientists who created Regulatpro Hyaluron have succeeded in putting this code of youth into a bottle. The secret to the incomparable effect of Regulatpro Hyaluron lies in the power of the patented Regulat essence, an extract from freshly grown fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices grown under certified organic conditions, created by a unique process of cascade fermentation. It has an extraordinary ability to energize every cell in the body, but at the same time to efficiently transport and help the absorption of hyaluronic acid molecules – a combination of the concentrated power of nature with highly innovative science. The guests of the event had the unique opportunity to try Regulatpro Hyaluron both in its pure form and in the refreshing rejuvenating cocktails of the bar, created especially for the event.

Merz Spezial was another exclusive beauty ritual inside and outside that visitors had the pleasure of rediscovering at the special beauty evening. Everyone knows the cult product Merz Special Dragees, which has become an expert in the care of hair, skin and nails over the years. But today, the brand is again the leader in innovation with its newest cream mousse with a unique Dermal Vitality Formula (DVF) developed in Germany. Embedded in the fine mousse texture, it delivers beneficial ingredients deep into the skin, vitalizes and gives it a silky, light sensation. Merz’s Cream Mousses with collagen or hyaluron hug the skin like a cloud and have a pleasant, mild fragrance that touches the senses. Their extraordinary effect gives a visible beautifying result that you can feel. And when we’ve done the best for our skin, we can pay more attention to the hair. Merz Spezial has a solution here too – the specifically designed capsules for healthy and vibrant hair Merz Spezial Hair Capsules for care from within that will make your body look beautiful.

And for the finale of the magical evening in “Vedra’s Beautyland”, what is more magical than the tempting kiss? If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the lips are a mirror that reflects our beauty and passion. It is quite natural to want to make the most of what you have. You can make your lips stunning by staying true to what you are. Belotero Lips Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are designed specifically to perfect your lips, they can provide volume and density to suit your specific aesthetic and beauty wishes for a stunning result.

Spring is a period of renewal, transformation, and a new beginning. The vigorous energy of the season makes us turn around and ask ourselves how we can experience every day with its blooming beauty, unstoppable youth and sunlight. Caring for yourself and your loved ones is what can help us on the path to harmony and true radiant beauty. And with Vedra, this care is already in your hands.

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