Vedra and Isla at the “Stars of Bulgaria” Concert at the National Palace of Culture

We all love eternal Bulgarian hits because they have been like a wonderful soundtrack to our lives, but we at Vedra know that there are no good songs without a good and healthy voice from a healthy throat! Therefore, Vedra and the throat lozenges Isla supported and participated in the festive concert “Stars of Bulgaria” at the National Palace of Culture.

After an active day reviewing the results for 2019 and the company’s plans for the new 2020 year, as well as interesting training presentations related to digital marketing, the Vedra teams from Bulgaria, Serbia and Northern Macedonia enjoyed live music by the most famous pop music artists in Bulgaria as part of the last meeting of the company for the year. The concert was branded with banners Isla Medic, lozenges with special benefits for the voice, and the TV commercial for the product aired over 50 times on the big screen at the concert stage during the seating of the audience. The organizers expressed their special gratitude to the team of Vedra for the support of the Bulgarian voices at the end of the concert.

Voice and throat care is important not only for the singers but also for all of us, and we hope that our Isla products will always help so that your voice can be heard!