The Traditional Science and Folklore Fair Prospan in Ivy Village Lasts 5 Days on Occasion of the Product’s 20th Anniversary in Bulgaria

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Prospan in Bulgaria, this year the traditional scientific and folklore fair in Brashlyan (Ivy) village lasted for 5 whole days. For the third consecutive year, the village of Brashlyan turns into the village of Prospan in honor of the main ingredient in the product and gathers leading medics at this special event. More than 700 physicians and pharmacists from all over the country and Macedonia celebrated with Vedra the jubilee of the high-quality cough and bronchitis phyto-product in the mysterious Strandzha mountain and immersed themselves into the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The Prospan Science and Folklore Assembly in Brashlyan once again provided proof of the power of nature and the benefits of rational phytotherapy through the shared experience of specialists and general practitioners for the treatment of coughs and bronchitis with Prospan. The syrup has become a true classic in the treatment of respiratory problems and a preferred approach in the work of the medics. It is exactly the product’s qualities and, above all, its safety and efficiency that have managed to win the trust of doctors for 20 years and to bring together so many experts at the event every autumn.

Apart from the useful information and interesting presentations about the history and the scientifically proven four-fold effect of the ivy extract in Prospan, many more surprises awaited the guests of the meeting. The musical recital of Strandzha’s folklore, the dancing contest, traditional local dishes and the beautiful architecture of the historical reserve contributed to the authentic atmosphere of the assembly. Many doctors came dressed in magnificent folk costumes in the spirit of the folklore event. All of them took part in the typical games called “Filetsi” for health, luck and prosperity, and sang the Strandzha anthem with the specially composed jubilee verse about the action of Prospan. It was a great honor to for Vedra to greet also the Mayor of Malko Tarnovo, Mr. Ilian Yanchev, who sang together with the musicians the Strandzha anthem “The bright moon is coming up” and congratulated all the guests at the event.

The Bulgarian traditions and the love for nature merged with the natural power of the patented ivy extract in Prospan and the tradition of treating coughs and bronchitis for an unforgettable scientific and folklore fair.