The Immune System Will Always Be a Current Topic – Your Guide to Immunity is Here

Talking about immunity is definitely fashionable and relevant, especially this year. At the same time, we at Vedra have always believed that talking about the immune system is mandatory and important, because our body’s ability to withstand external threats is the survival mechanism we use throughout our lives, constantly.

If we look back from years in the future, many people may even have forgotten the details of the pandemic, but we will probably have evolved in our care and knowledge of immunity and the thought of
it will be part of our daily ritual, like brushing our teeth and taking a shower. At least that’s how it should be!

To help make this a reality, we have prepared for you an extremely useful booklet with interesting information about immunity and plenty of tips on how to keep it in top shape. What topics will you find inside?

  • What is immunity? How to assess whether it works properly? Is there a difference between immunostimulation and immunoregulation?
  • What immunoregulators are on the market?
  • The gut as the center of our immunity – how to keep them healthy
  • The gifts of nature for strong immunity
  • How does stress affect our body and immune system? What are the consequences?
  • The nose – our natural filter
  • Download the booklet in Bulgarian language by clicking on the photo below: