Scientific and Folklore Fest Prospan in Ivy Village 2019: Meeting of the Generations

At the end of September, the historic village of Brushlyan again changed its name to village “Prospan” for a day on the occasion of the fourth annual Scientific and Folklore Fair, dedicated to the popular and preferred cough products by doctors, pharmacists and consumers of the brand Prospan.

Every year the event has a new and interesting program and this time was no exception. The scientific session introduced the participants to the news in the treatment of respiratory diseases and the most recent Guideline of the German Pulmonary Society, which recommends the use of the special ivy extract EA575 (Prospan) for the treatment of cough in adult patients, and the special guest speaker for Prospan was Prof. Miroslava Bosheva MD. The event continued with interesting presentations and shared experiences by Dr. Nayden Petrov MD and Assoc. Prof. Ruzha Pancheva MD.

The Scientific and Folkore Fair in the so-called “Ivy village” continued under the title “Meeting of the Generations”, where the guests were immersed together in the enduring wisdom and spirit of history and shared their experiences and knowledge of both working with Prospan and Isla, as well as the beliefs and customs of their native land. There were many surprises – the game “With Vedra you win, with Vedra you do not lose” with the famous TV show host Kutsi Vaptsarov, workshops with traditional crafts, a special folklore program of the dance ensemble “Vedra” consisting of company employees, as well as the special music news broadcast by  Vedra TV, which presented sensational news from the world of medicine and pharmacy. The evening ended with festive fireworks and a fun Isla Karaoke, where everyone had the chance to show off their healthy voice from healthy throat. The event was again honored by the mayor of Malko Turnovo, Mr. Ilian Yanchev.