Back to school with a song – is it possible? Here is your guide for the first day of school!

Preparing for the first day of school is not just about buying the necessary school supplies – it is also about new emotions and challenges for parents and children.

Whether the school year starts in person or not, the excitement and anxiety around the first day of school or the first start of kindergarten is undoubtedly great, and the questions of the parents are even more. That is why we have prepared a collection of useful materials for this important moment in the child’s life, which will smoothly guide your family through the first steps in the world of your child’s learning. Download our Handbook for the first day of school for parents and children and get ready for new adventures!

In the book you will also learn more about:

  • How to prepare the child and yourself for a pleasant start of activities at school or in kindergarten? How Dr. Bach’s Rescue Drops can help on the first day of school and after;
  • How to prepare the child’s immune system for the new environment through nutrition, hardening and extra help;
  • How to react when we see that the child is about to get sick and to prevent frequent absences from school;
  • How nasal care can help prevent viruses and bacteria from entering
  • What can a child’s cough be and what to do for a sore throat or abdominal pain;
  • What problems with concentration are observed in children and how to overcome them;
  • What the student’s first aid kit should contain;
  • What should be the new student’s backpack to go with a song on the first day of school;

The golden autumn is coming quickly, and we start school with a song! To parents and children, this book will give wings – like songbirds to be cheerful and calm, to be healthy and active in class and to be attentive in every lesson!