Vedra welcomed 120 Bulgarian doctors to science meeting in Brаshlyan village

In early autumn Vedra International welcomed 120 doctors from across Bulgaria in the heart of Strandzha Mountain. As host of “Scientific meeting Prospan in village Brashlyan (Ivy)”, municipality of Malko Tarnovo, the company presented the latest innovations in medical treatment of cough and bronchitis.

Both executives Vedra – Ms. Teodora Petrova and Mr. Dian Dimova greeted guests dressed in traditional costumes from Strandzha region.

The choice of meeting place was not accidental, as the dry extract from the leaves of ivy is used for the symptomatic treatment of chronic inflammatory bronchial diseases and acute inflammation of respiratory tract. The extract is the main ingredient of the product Prospan. Furthermore, the energy and the air in the area around the village Brashlyan (Ivy) favorably influence the treatment of asthma and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

With the permission of the mayor of the municipality of Malko Tarnovo – Mr. Ilian Yanchev picturesque village Ivy was renamed for a day in the village slept. Dress code for all guests of the festival was authentic folkloric clothing. So doctors dressed in costumes from different folklore, sang and danced along with amateur groups from the village and Malko Tarnovo – “Magda Pushkarova”, “Filek,” “Transfiguration” and “Ivy” under the accompaniment of drums and bagpipes. Special greetings to the guests headed grandmother Siyka, root resident of the village. They were presented different customs of Strandzha.

Apart from being drowned in local folklore and enjoyed the original architecture, the doctors walked along the narrow cobbled streets of the village and tried Strandzha organic dishes.