Today Starts the First Edition of the Mission Superdoc Awards, Honoring the Most Beloved by the Patients Doctors

The competition is organized by the internet platform in a special partnership with the pharmaceutical company Vedra International

On the International Health Day and Day of the Health Worker, it is extremely important to extend our gratitude to all the people who dedicate their knowledge, time and soul to preserving human life, even when their own may be threatened. Today, during a pandemic, it is even clearer that healing is a noble mission.

That is why today announces the launch of the MissionSuperdoc  2020 competition, which will award the highest-rated physicians on the platform in the fields of obstetrics, neurology, dermatology, pediatrics, GP, gastroenterology, ENT, endocrinology, cardiology, orthopedicians, urologists, ophthalmologists and surgeons. The competition aims to distinguish those professionals who have impressed patients not only with medical competence but also with human care, empathy and attention.

Any patient registered at who has booked an appointment with a physician through the platform can leave a comment and star review for their visit within two weeks after it has happened. Mission Superdoc 2020 will distinguish those physicians with the highest and most positive ratings based on the personal experiences of the consumers. October 31 will be the deadline for collecting ratings and reviews for the first edition of the competition, and a special award ceremony will be organized in November for the distinguished medics.

Mission Superdoc  is organized with the special assistance of Vedra International, a pharmaceutical company with years of experience in the pharmaceutical market in the Balkans, working tirelessly to ensure that patients receive the best for their health. Part of this vision is Vedra’s desire to distinguish and express gratitude to those doctors for whom medicine is not only a profession but also a mission. By partnering with Superdoc in their competition, we strive to contribute to restoring the confidence in the humane image of the medical profession.

We from Vedra believe that each of us carries in our hearts a deep appreciation for at least one doctor for the warm care for the health that enables us to enjoy every day of life. Their professionalism, experience and morals are what save us every day! Be sure to leave your opinion on the platform until the end of October to help us evaluate and reward the most beloved and physicians in Bulgaria!