Leading infectious disease physicians and gastroenterologists recommend Omni-Biotic 10 when taking antibiotics associated with moderate to severe COVID-19 infections

The complex therapy of moderate to severe cases of Covid-19 includes the use of antibiotics, often for a long period of time. This is often necessary to avoid bacterial superinfection in these patients. But concurrent with their beneficial effects, antibiotics can cause damage to the intestinal microbiome, leading to future health problems – this is even more valid when the therapy is highly dosed and prolonged.

That is why the infectious disease doctors from PROF. IVAN KIROV HOSPITAL – SOFIA, as well as Prof. Vladimirov, Head of Gastroenterology Clinic at Tsaritsa Yonna – ISUL Hospital give their recommendation for Omni-Biotic 10 as an effective synbiotic to restore the normal intestinal microbiome for patients that are given antibiotic therapy. Omni-Biotic 10 is an Austrian product that has proven its qualities in minimizing the side effects of antibiotic therapy and its fast action in the rapid recovery of damaged intestinal flora. The specific combination of strains has the ability to produce active substances that act against the cause of diarrhea.

Read the official opinion of the infectious disease doctors from SBALIPB PROF. IVAN KIROV – SOFIA here:

Read the recommendation of Prof. Borislav Vladimirov, Head of the Clinic of Gastroenterology Tsaritsa Yonna Hospital – ISUL here: