Festive Concert and Gala Cocktail for Prospan’s 20 Year Anniversary

How did we celebrate the holidays this year? On December 1st, more than 300 doctors and pharmacists who have trusted Prospan in the past 20 years celebrated the birthday of the product and welcomed the holiday season with a wonderful Strauss Capelle Wien concert and a gala-cocktail overlooking the whole of Sofia in the panoramic restaurant The View.

The year 2018 was a jubilee year for Prospan in Bulgaria and passed under the slogan “Prospan – a classic in cough and bronchitis treatment”, as for two decades generations of medical specialists and families in Bulgaria have relied on the product for good health of the respiratory tract. “Prospan is a classic and a symbol of quality in the treatment of cough,” says Mrs. Teodora Petrova, the co-owner of Vedra, the exclusive representative of Prospan for Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania.

That is why the closing event in this special year for Prospean in Bulgaria was appropriate for the product’s qualities – with wonderful and captivating classical music and a top panoramic view that would suit the market leader. Guests enjoyed a real VIP service at the special entrance for the Strauss Capelle Wien concert in the National Palace of Culture, and after immersing themselves in the magic of waltz, they continued with their celebration in the modern panorama restaurant The View. In 2018, more than 30 doctors gave video interviews about their work and experience with Prospan, and these clips were officially presented and broadcast at the gala event. Among the evergreen ivy decorations and holiday balloons Prospan, all guests raised their glasses in a toast for another 20 years of successful work and health with Prospan!